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lossom Birth Program

We have moved locations as of August 1, 2023!

New address:

309-7031 Westminster Hwy Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

(Medical building across from Richmond Hospital)


Tel: 778-297-1678

Fax: 778-297-1637



Blossom Birth Program

Family-focused, evidence-based midwifery care during pregnancy,
labour, birth and the first six weeks after your baby is born. 

Thinking About Midwifery Care?

Midwifery care has been a regulated profession in British Columbia since 1998. Midwives are university educated and professionally trained to serve as your primary healthcare care provider for the entire duration of your pregnancy, labour, birth, and until six weeks postpartum. 
Midwifery care is fully covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). 

Appointments with our midwives are 30 minutes in length and occur more frequently than visits with your family doctor. We invite you to make a self-referral to our service.   


Blossom Birth Program

Blossom Birth Program embraces a team approach to your care- a team in which we invite you to be a part of!

We believe that women should have a voice in their maternity care. We are passionate about engaging and empowering women in their maternal health through education and informed consent. Having a baby is a life-changing event, and we are here to help. We care for all of the families whose lives we've been a part of. We are always excited to meet more families. 

Our Services 

We provide you with expert care and ongoing support during your pregnancy and birth. We order and oversee regular tests (such as ultrasounds and bloodwork) and interpret/discuss your results with you.

After you give birth, we follow and support you and your newborn for up to six weeks after delivery.

Our postpartum services include feeding support whether you plan to breastfeed of formula feed. Home visits are also offered for up to two weeks after birth.

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Blossom Midwives 

Blossom Birth Program is a two-midwife practice. We alternate which midwife you see at your appointments so that you are familiar with both and they get to know you and your family. Blossom midwives Lori Miller and Sara Povey have been practicing midwifery together for over twelve years.


Ready to get involved in your own pregnancy well-being?


For useful prenatal care information, postpartum FAQ, links to additional reading materials, Richmond Hospital Tour, handbooks, recipes, and more, visit the Resources tab.

Our Families 

See a gallery of our wonderful clients and become a part of our growing family. 

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"Thank-you so very much for your emotional support and professional care throughout the journey of our pregnancy, the joyous moment of Cynthia's birth, and the adventure that is our new life as a family.  As teachers, we're in a profession where communication is our main tool, yet, when the six weeks postpartum appointment was over, we were suddenly at a loss of words to meaningfully express our gratitude.  It was a bittersweet goodbye that felt like an incredible memory.

It's hard to imagine that at our very first appointment, we needed an explanation of what midwives are, since now, we can't stop sharing our positive experience whenever we speak about our pregnancy and birth.  We've always found that you ladies went above and beyond - there were so many seemingly inconsequential moments for you that truly meant a great deal to us, I felt very supported.  

In teaching, we often say that the career is not a job, but a calling.  I would say that you ladies are meant to help deliver joy to people's lives with your calling as midwives, as you care with great professionalism and genuine love for the families whose lives you have touched.  Thank-you!"



Linda and Greg


If you would like to become a client of Blossom, please fill the form on the Become a Client page.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

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