After-Birth Postpartum Care Only Clients (OB Referral Only)

Bringing baby home is an exciting and life changing time.

We can help make your transition smoother.


Blossom Midwives offer feeding (breast, formula or mixed) support, weight gain monitoring, ongoing management and care of you and your baby until you are discharged from our care back to your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, we will help you find one.


Because your Obstetrician doesn't take care of you and your baby once you give birth, they will refer you to Blossom Midwives for your care. After meeting with your Obstetrician in pregnancy, your doctor will send your information to us. We will then contact you to discuss our care and address any questions or goals about your postpartum period.

Your Obstetrician remains your care provider for your pregnancy and birth, we are here to help once you give birth.

After our conversation, if you are in agreement, we will inform Richmond Hospital Birth Center that we will be taking over the care of you and your baby after discharge.


All you need to do now is to look forward to bringing your baby home. We will see you before you leave the hospital and lay out our plan of care with you including your next visit at home.


Generally we see you at home from birth to two weeks after birth, before having you come to our clinic to complete your care.




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Q: How much does your care cost? 

A: We are covered by BC MSP.

"Amazing! Very professional and caring. They are great midwives and always made sure that I had all the support I needed after the first few weeks of postpartum."


"We were referred to Blossom by my OBGYN after we gave birth for postpartum follow up. Lori and Sara were so helpful and patient. As new parents we had so many questions and worries about what was normal for our newborn, they both were so supportive and reassuring for my husband and I. We felt very comfortable with them and looked forward to our visits with them. Not only did they check in with our baby but made sure my recovery was going well also. My husband and I are so grateful for Lori and Sara and had an awesome experience with them!"


Q: Can I see my family doctor during my post-partum care? 

A: We will be your primary healthcare provider during your care, and we ask you not to see your family doctor until we discharge you and baby from our care. 

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