Is Blossom care covered by MSP?
Yes, BC Medical Services Plan covers the care from midwives. We just need your Personal Health Number at registration.
Do I need to see a doctor first to confirm my pregnancy before I register with Blossom?
No not at all. Blossom Midwives can confirm your pregnancy and begin your care once you register with us.
I don't know anything about midwives, are they the same as doctors?
Midwifery has been a regulated profession in BC since 1998. Midwives are highly trained and university educated. Midwives and doctors have similar scopes of maternity care practice. We offer all the same prenatal testing, ultrasounds and blood work. We deliver babies and support you postpartum for 6 weeks.
Can I have a home birth with Blossom?
Place of birth is an informed choice with Blossom and we are happy to support women to give birth at home or at Richmond Hospital.  However, do our small practice, home birth requests are limited.
If I want pain relief in labour, can I have that?
Yes of course! This is your birth experience. We will discuss all pain relief options with you but midwives can order pain relief in labour including epidurals

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