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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Blossom midwifery care covered by MSP?

Yes, our services are fully covered by BC MSP. We just need your Personal Health Number (PHN) at registration. Unfortunately, we do not accept private pay.

Do I need to see a doctor first to confirm my pregnancy before I register with Blossom?

No, we can confirm your pregnancy and begin your care once you register with us.


What is the difference between Blossom midwives and another pregnancy care provider?

- Our midwives order all the necessary prenatal testing (such as ultrasounds, bloodwork, genetic testing, etc.) and interpret/discuss your results with you. Testing is not done at our clinic.

- You will meet both midwives during the course of your pregnancy care so you will know who will be at your birth

- We provide postpartum care for up to 6 weeks after you give birth. This includes checking on both you and your newborn's health as well as feeding support (both breast and formula).

-Between appointments, our midwives provide 24/7 call coverage for urgent care or concerns.

Can I see both my family doctor/obstetrician AND a midwife?

Unfortunately not. BC MSP only covers one primary care provider for the duration of your pregnancy and birth

Six weeks after delivery, when your care with Blossom is completed, you will be returned to your family doctor who will resume responsibility for the health of you and your new baby.

Families who do not have a family doctor are responsible for making arrangements for their ongoing primary care. You can find links to join the waitlist to find a family doctor in in your city in the Resources tab.

How often do I see a midwife?

In the first and second trimester of your pregnancy, appointments are scheduled every 3-5 weeks and last 30 minutes. Starting in the third trimester, appointments are scheduled more frequently (every 2 weeks). When you reach 37 weeks, we see you every week for a quick check-up until you give birth. Longer, more frequent appointments allow for physical, emotional, and social health assessments. They also allow time for informed decision making and the development of a trusting relationship between clients and their care providers.

Did we answer your questions?

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

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