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Image by Anastasiia Chepinska

Pregnancy & Midwifery Care

Having a baby is a profound event in your life and our goal is to support you and provide you with safe, individualized care.


Our appointments are 30 minutes long. We encourage you to come with questions and ideas, and be engaged in your care. During your labour and birth, we provide you with expert care and ongoing support.

As your primary healthcare provider during your pregnancy, we will discuss all routine recommended pregnancy testing throughout your pregnancy, such as bloodwork and ultrasounds. 

You will meet both midwives on an alternating basis. This is to ensure you will get to know both midwives, either of whom will be present during your birth. 

After your birth, we will follow you up to six weeks. We will provide home visits for the first two weeks. We can support you in your healing, lactation support, and overall care. 

We are currently accepting referrals from your obstetrician or family doctor. You can also make a self-referral.

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